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LN 000
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The Lab Notes

These Lab Notes document the progress, experiments, and concepts in my research, which focuses on the future of personal computing. This work is primarily shaped by exploring the “operating system of the future,” and with those concepts, creating an experimental new environment for personal computing.

The most recent notes are listed on the left starting at the top. As a sort of table of contents, here is a living guide to diving in.

If you're reading for the first time, you can start with LN 002: Universal data portability and progress sequentially, or a good single one to start with is LN 014: The Graph OS. If you want to jump into the more recent stuff, start with LN 037: Gestural view construction.

Having fun with items

Having fun with item views

Having fun with item graphs

Having fun with item services

Having fun with itemized networks & devices

Having fun with itemized systems

Having fun with itemized interfaces

Having fun with view construction

New models for computational thinking

New models for software development



It is the goal of these Lab Notes to explore how personal computing might be improved in order to expand human capacity to think, create, collaborate, and do.

Much of what we explore will revolve around new and renewed ideas for the user environment of the operating system of the future. We will also explore how software is built, the business of software development, and a few other related topics.

These Lab Notes will be published regularly. In general, they will be short, seeking to quickly but meaningfully illustrate a discrete topic, insight, or experiment that has come out of my research. I hope to as often as possible include demos, live or in video, that bring the topic to life on your screen.

Some of the Lab Notes will build on each other, and some will present new starting points for exploring possible answers to our key questions.

A primary goal of these Lab Notes is to open up meaningful discussion on the topic areas being covered. If you think of something interesting, or see how work relates to something else you found curious, please reach out.

For more, read the article on how I approach my core work, which concludes with a discussion on how these Lab Notes contribute to that work.

In sum, I believe that there exists a better way forward for personal computing. I do not purport to have all the answers, but I am coming at this equipped with some intriguing starting points, and motivated by a lifelong obsession with what potential personal computing presents to the future of our society.

One long-form article has resulted from these Lab Notes so far:

The Potential Merits of an Itemized OS is an article that illustrates many of the concepts explored in the earlier Lab Notes, brought together into one cohesive concept.

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Want to receive my work as I publish it?