Hey there, I'm Alexander.

I'm interested in how software can better serve people's daily lives.

In my research, I explore interesting questions that seem to go ignored. My experiments often involve designing and developing many ideas — some of which I build into commercially available products, which further informs my research.

Below is a compendium of my research areas. The best place to start is the article on how I approach my core work.

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    The future of the operating system

    My current research is centered on redesigning the operating system (not kernels and drivers, but user environment), to bring it closer to the “bicycle for the mind” tool for advancing human thought and ability.


    Symphonies is the testbed for the ideas from my research on the future of the OS. These products have since spun out.

    Symphonies Planner Logo

    Symphonies Planner

    Digital planner

    Symphonies Thinker Logo

    Symphonies Thinker

    Tool for thought (in research)

    Reimagining email

    My career began with reimagining email and finding ways to build that vision on top of today’s existing email protocols.


    These products have spun out of my research on email.

    Mail Pilot sails logo

    Mail Pilot

    Reimagined email client

    Throttle lightning bolt logo


    Email throttling service

    Thinking in Progress

    Short snippets that reflect my current thinking on various topics which I cite often in my articles and other works.

    On creation: Quantity is the journey to quality · The dots connect later · The merit of ideas and ideation

    On software: Build and rebuild · Pioneering users · Gather a community · Form is function

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    February 22, 2021

    Beyond the GUI

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