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January 14, 2023

WonderOS and other things I’m working on

For the last year or so, I’ve been working on a longer-term research project that experiments with building itemized environments.

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One part of the project that I’ve begun publishing, though it isn’t yet complete, is the operator’s handbook for WonderOS. It is presented as the manual that would come with the user’s first itemized personal computing device.

Hello, Operator! is an exercise in exploring how computer literacy might be attained by society at large with systems of this type, and how people might learn to use the core primitives of itemized, malleable systems to evolve them for their changing times and needs.

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Hello, Operator! »

Thanks to WonderOS, and the other experiments it has produced, I’ve been living inside itemized environments in more of my personal computing life lately, which has produced delightfully odd and interesting insights that build on the fundamental ideas proposed in my lab notes.

As I continue to tinker with these experiments, those insights will land back in the lab notes; in fact, most of the latest ones feature new thinking that has come out of WonderOS and the experiments it supports.

To catch up with those, see the section titled: Having fun with itemized interfaces in:
The lab notes »

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