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February 22, 2021

Beyond the GUI

How can the operating system of the future be open to future technologies from the start?

How can the OS of the future be equally accessible for all users, with any set of abilities?

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LN 007: Atomized apps »

One of the core motivations for publishing these Lab Notes each week is to work with my “lab door” open — so that I can bump into others’ thoughts, ideas, questions, works, and discussions.

So if something sparked a thought, let me know. Just hit reply, and I look forward to chatting.

Or — if someone you know might enjoy these ideas or have something to add, please send it their way. The more surface area these ideas have, the more discussion they’ll bump into. This link is a great place to start for newcomers.

One other thing: I’m looking for a developer to contract some hours with each week on Mail Pilot. The work is in Swift, Svelte, and SQLite.

If you’re interested, fill out this application, or reach out by email. And if you know someone who would be a good fit, please send this their way!

Want to receive my work as I publish it?