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Experimenting with spaced review in OLLOS

A first look at a new experiment, and one area where it could be improved.

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Member Magazine, Issue 2: Directions. Summer 2022.

Member Magazine: Issue 2


Where is personal computing headed? What should we expect of our software? What should we expect of our hardware? How should we direct the future of personal computing? How might these wonder machines finally help us to work “at the speed of thought”?

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Contents: Letter to the Members / Towards Symbiosis in Personal Computing / Experimental Prototype Computer of Tomorrow / My personal stack of home brewed software / Challenges in Research

Member Magazine, Issue 1: Foundations. Winter 2022.

Member Magazine: Issue 1


Why does personal computing matter? Why does better personal computing matter? What are the fundamental units of personal computing? What is personal computing? What kinds of things do we externalize, and why? How do you represent thoughts?

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Contents: Letter to the Members / Introduction to the Member Magazine / Personal computers are amazing / Thinking Out Loud / Making things better / An item-centric perspective on personal computing / The future of personal computing

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Want to receive my work as I publish it?