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October 28, 2021

Actions and automations in the OS of the future

As I begin developing the concepts I’ve laid out in my Lab Notes so far into an environment anyone can use, some thinking needs to be ironed out around how the system works internally.

That’s what we’re exploring in today’s lab note. It contains ideas that build on top of the system’s itemized fundamentals.

Read it here:
LN 018: Services, Actions, Automations, and Item Drives »

Any of the prototypes you’ve seen within my Lab Notes so far are just that — prototypes. But what I’m working on now is an app that you can run on your existing computers and devices that serves as a personal computing environment implementing these concepts, letting you use them with your own data and use cases.

The biggest question I have at the moment is: how do we measure success? It’s an experiment, but one without clear, objective outcomes. For example, if the goal is increased productivity, the measurement might be clear. But if the goal is expanded creativity, the measurement might be much less clear.

Last week I launched Songs I’m Made Of, the half-discussion, half-music show that explores the craft, process, and inspirations of some incredible songwriters that I had the pleasure of interviewing.

You can tune in now on Spotify. The first three episodes are up, and you can expect new episodes every Friday this fall.

Check it out here:

Songs I’m Made Of »

As always, I hope you’re well.

Want to receive my work as I publish it?