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February 27, 2021

Email & Slack & SMS, Oh My!

There is one more benefit to our arrangement of items and views in the operating system of the future that I’d like you to consider.

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LN 008: Unified views »

Thanks to all who responded to my survey a few weeks back.

One question that kept coming up: How do I create the demos in my lab notes?

Quite simply: I’m actually building this OS user environment! This demo environment is running on my Mac right now. When you see the demos in the Lab Notes, they are running live, though sometimes with simulated data.

It is an extraordinarily rewarding thing to build, because every time an idea comes up for the operating system of the future, I now build it into my OS and use it as I go about my day. This has me iterating on ideas far further (and faster) than I could before. Many of these newly iterated ideas will start showing up in the Lab Notes in the coming weeks.

Want to receive my work as I publish it?