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January 2, 2021

Let’s start at the beginning

As promised, I’m kicking off the new year this Saturday by diving into research exploring the future of the operating system.

If we could expand human capacity to think, create, collaborate, and do — the impacts would be huge.

This is what my research is about: exploring what personal computing should look like in the future to support the best of human ambition.

Imagine a computer that, out of the box, actively supports the best of your work and your intentions. Imagine software that doesn’t need to be regularly reconfigured to keep it from detracting from your work. Imagine new forms of interaction with your digital things that regularly open up your thinking on what matters most to you.

The pioneers of personal computing brought to life the foundation of modern technology as we know it now, but they envisioned far more — there remains huge potential unfulfilled.

This year my aim is to publish a new writeup in my Lab Notes every week. To get things started, I’ve published the first — I hope you’ll give it a read this weekend.

Read it here:
LN 000: Introduction to these Lab Notes

Looking for more to read? This week I also published a new post: If the destination is quality, the journey is quantity.

Want to receive my work as I publish it?