The Way to Live,
in 100 Years

Hello, internet stranger! I have a project you might be able to help with.

I’m compiling a book titled The Way to Live, in 100 Years that will contain an essay or letter from 100 different people, each a different age from 5 to 104, all responding to the prompt, “The Way to Live.”

It’s meant to capture the wisdom harbored within the different ages of life, with perspectives from around the world.

Here are some ways you can contribute:

  1. Write & submit your own letter or essay.
  2. Send this project to folks you know whose perspectives ought to be shared.
  3. Help someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to write and submit their letter or essay by transcribing and sending it in with them.

You can submit in any of the following ways:

  1. Via Google Forms. This method requires a Google account.
  2. Via email. Include everything under “what to include” (see below) in your submission email.

It may take some years to gather all of the letters and essays, so once you submit, hang tight! One essay or letter for each age will be selected to include in the book. And if there are enough submissions, more of them will be published online. By submitting, you agree to having your submission appear online and in print.

Some ideas: Exploring your perspective on the way to live, your submission can take any form, such as a letter to your current or future kids, an exploratory essay, a poem, a list, etc.

What to include:

  1. Your name, as you’d like it to appear with your submission
  2. Your age at the time of writing
  3. Your location (city and country, plus province or state if needed for clarity)
  4. Your email address (this will be kept private, used only to contact you if your submission is chosen).
  5. Your submission
  6. A brief description line (a phrase, or up to 2 sentences) that provides contextual or biographical information needed for the reader to take in the full meaning of what you've submitted. Ex.: "School teacher for 32 years", "Transcribed by her granddaughter, Laurene", etc. Feel free to omit this if the submission stands best without further context.

I’ve been intentionally light with details here to give your thinking room to explore, but if you have any questions just send me an email.

And to get updates on the book, sign up here: